Our Company

Mirad Group is a portuguese investor company, present in business areas such as Real Estate and Construction in Portugal.
Mirad Real Estate is one of our first projects specialized in the Real Estate market.

Mirad Real Estate

Mirad Real Estate is distinguished by the responsible and serious way that we act in the Real Estate market, for the excellence of services that we provide to our clients, the diversification in the offer and the concern regarding the fair price-quality ratio of our services.
This project also provide services like: Construction, Renovation, Property Management and other  important services sought and desired by clients in the market.
We promise to bring seriousness to the Real Estate Market, betting on the qualification and continuous training of our team, and focusing to be a steap ahead, standing side by side with new innovative tools to help evolve our company, and helping the market to evolve as well.

Our team


Creator and Founder of the company Mirad Group, Diogo Gomes de Morais Cabral has a professional background in the area of Industrial Design, Retail Distribution, Aviation and also Real Estate.
Graduated in Management, the Entrepreneur started his training specialized in the luxury real estate market. His training was carried out in a prestigious world-renowned company in the real estate sector.
When creating this project, our Founder had a main goal, which is to bring more seriousness, dedication and efficiency in the work method used in the Real Estate market. “We believe that success is achieved through motivation, knowledge, persistence and a code of ethic. It is necessary to realize the importance of knowing how to listen to client’s needs and before we are “sellers”, we must be true friends for our clients. There are many sellers, but friends who want the best for the client, not everyone will be able to be.
 Mirad wants to be known as reliable, loyal, persistent and competent company inside the markets that our group operate.
Nothing is impossible for us, and we  promisse dedication and focus on solving our client’s challenges.”
Diogo Gomes de Morais Cabral  | Mirad Group Director